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    Urban low step
    Light foldable
    Cargo trek off road


    Beat the traffic
    Anti-theft systems
    €35 tax - low insurance


    eBike + accessories
    Claim up to €3,000
    Tax free - save up to 52% 


    Choose your fleet size 
    Your logo branding design
    Reduce your carbon footprint


    Order online
    24-hrs delivery
    Shop local 

Anti-Theft GPS

An insurance policy against theft. A GPS system to track your e-bike position in in real time via the Trackting app. Fully integrated, internally secured and lockable inside the battery compartment. 

Trackting is the smallest smart GPS anti-theft device on the market that locates and protects e-bikes anywhere in Europe.

The App always shows where the e-bike is, and if someone tries to steal it, it alerts the owner with a phone call, tracking your e-bike in real time.

It works both on roads and indoors. Trackting does not need to be charged as it is powered by the e-bike and has its own backup battery.

With its highly accurate digital motion sensor, Trackting eliminates false alarms and the integrated eSIM automatically connects to the best operator in the area, throughout Europe (49 countries).

This option is available with the below e-bike models – marked with a GPS flag on the catalogues.

• Travel Unisex/Man
• Travel Adventure
• Travel Cross
• Trend Pro
• Trend Top
• E-Rider
• X-Plör


For the private user

TRACKTING EVO runs 24/7, outdoors and indoors, all over Europe. In case of theft or tampering, EVO calls your number immediately and finds your e-bike in real time. Don’t worry about recharging it: EVO gets power from your e-bike and has got its own backup battery. 


for business fleets

TRACKTING FLEET is the first Business Fleet monitoring GPS Platform, ideal for e-bike rentals. It includes a GPS Tracker with embedded e-SIM covering 49 European countries and a Cloud platform to monitor and manage your fleet, via PC or smartphone.



We have found Green Bikes great to deal with, both the product and the after-care service is top class. Delivery times on e-bikes has been accurate and consistent. We look forward to working with Green Bikes going into the future, bringing the new Italwin and Wayel range to all of our customers.
mikes bikes
Brian O'Regan
Mikes Bikes, Dun Laoghaire
We at Ferris Wheels have been really impressed with Green Bikes, the service and dedication they have brought to us with the Italian electric bicycles. They are very passionate about it and we are really delighted to be selling their Italwin and Wayel e-bikes.
Stephen Ferries
Ferries Wheels, Booterstown, Co. Dublin

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