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About Green Bikes

It all started during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the future of urban mobility in mind. Green Bikes today is a solid reality providing sustainable, micro mobility solutions to all-size business and organisations. We are based in the Sandyford Business District. We work primarily with the over 1,000 businesses, 26,000 employees and over 200,000 residents in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown. Green Bikes supports the development of a green ecosystem to reduce carbon footprint in our community.

Green Technology: Our Italian e-bikes are manufactured by FIVE following the principles of ZEB (Zero Energy Building). The energy is produced in-house and recycled for the entire production, powered by solar powered rooms and heat pumps. Bicycles frames are hand-painted and stands out for its green technology thanks to solvent-free water-based paints. No pollutants!

Innovation: Our Italian brands Italwin and Wayel are the market leaders and include a wide range of designs. Urban, elegant, low step, foldable, trek, off road. Equipped with powerful motors, long-range batteries, and anti-theft GPS tracking systems.

Italian Style: Wayel also offer a range of stylish electric mopeds as an alternative mode of transport other than cycling. Smooth driving to beat the traffic, silent and efficient, up to 100 km range with a single charge. Low tax and insurance. 100% green and electric.

Wellness: An electric bike is an investment in your personal health and lifestyle, with tax relief available through the Cycle to Work Scheme. Get a tax-free eBike and pay monthly from your salary. Green Bikes are a government registered supplier, also partner retailer with Cycle Scheme Ireland,  BikeToWork and Travel Hub. Ask your employer.

Business: Green Bikes provide micro mobility solutions tailored to meet your business requirements, with your company logo and branding options.

Located in the “Bicycle Valley” of Bologna, FIVE is the largest manufacturer of electric mobility in Italy. It has a production capacity of 10,000 electric bicycles per year.  A Lab is fully dedicated to R&D –  motor and battery production where FIVE engineers carry out multiple testing to develop cutting-edge components.

The bicycle frames are manually spray painted with solvent-free water-based paints. The solar-powered paint drying room operates at the optimal heating temperature to give a long-lasting, smooth finish.

A double layer of decals is manually applied for the logo and design elements on the frame.  The finished frames are then moved by conveyor to the warehouse ready to be staged for the final assembly. Once the e-bike is fully assembled it is then moved for Quality Control to check all functions meet the requirements.

Each e-bike is then test-ridden by the QC staff before it gets fully certified with the FIVE stamp of approval. Finally, it is boxed and delivered to Green Bikes in Ireland. Enjoy the ride!

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