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Battery Care

Our Italian e-bikes manufacturer relies on the best available technologies on the market and the best brands in the industry. FIVE Batteries comply with UN38.3 regulation, which includes essential testing for safety. Passing the tests UN38.3, is the mandatory requirement to market the batteries individually and separately from the e-bikes. However, batteries are the most expensive part of an electric bike, so taking proper care is in your best interest. Taking care might help you maximize the battery’s lifespan.

Our electric bicycles have the currently more advanced Lithium-Ion batteries to guarantee higher quality, safety, and long service life thanks to several charging cycles: up to 1,000 full cycles.

That means 1000 full charges and drains before the battery eventually dies. The battery also has a BMS, a battery management system, that controls the charging and output of the cells. As each cells are used, the battery moves onto the next ones in the series. So, if you go for a ride and use only the first 10 cells in your battery, then fully recharge, then go for another ride and use only the first 10 cells again, then recharge, you have only used the first 10 cells. That means the remaining cells are still new.

Below are a few tips:

  1. Charge a new battery for a good 10 hours. Only for the first time. This long initial charge helps to condition battery cells from the very start.
  2. Avoid overcharge. Leaving the charger on might discharge the battery perhaps at 95% capacity leading to a cycle of minor discharges and therefore poor charging afterwards.
  3. Avoid deep discharge. Don’t let your bike’s battery dip below 10% capacity, as this will wear it down.
  4. Avoid extreme temperatures. For optimal use, it’s best to store your bike in a dry area at room temperature.
  5. Don’t store your battery at 100% for a long period of time for example in winter months.
  6. If exposed to rain you should really cover your battery, especially the rear-carriers, not fully integrated in the frame, as they are not waterproof.
  7. Charge your electric bike battery regularly. Use your e-bike regularly.