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The SUV of electric mopeds

Power, speed and range all rolled into one! A staggering 6600W – 170Nm motor torque to reach top speed 90km/h. Now, add to that two mega-capacity LG 72V-34Ah removable batteries to get a range of up to 130 km, and we get the best electric moped in the market for a reasonable price. The NCE-S is the real deal, top of the range of electric mopeds. The NCE-S is modern and elegant, with fine details such as the 7 inch digital display, keyless start connecting to a smartphone to access information such as position and battery level. Experience smooth driving at a different level. NCE-S is equivalent to 125 cc.

Available colours: Sage Green | Matt Black 
Licence required: A1 
Insurance: Available at Carol Nash/Axa Bikecare
Road Tax: €35
Warranty: 2 years
Delivery: Approx 4 weeks from order date


Integrated 6.6 kW rear motor
6.6 kW engine for fun driving. The motor rotation is 1000 rpm, with a maximum power of 170 Nm.

Double 4896 Wh battery
Two batteries guarantee up to 1000 recharge cycles. A battery management system protects the cells from sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

High intensity LED lights
LED lights are ideal for anyone who wants exceptional light intensity .

Combined braking system
Distributes the braking force to both discs to prevent wheel lock and better safety.

Technical features

Dimensions: 1960 x 725 x 1195 mm
Battery: LG Lithium cells, 2×72 V – 34 Ah – 4896 Wh 
Wheels: 120/70 x 14″ tubeless
Motor: 6.6 kW
Brakes: CBS 250 mm front and 220 mm rear disc brake
Max speed: 90 km/h
Max range: 110km
Max flow rate: 250 kg
Slope: 30%
Lights: LED high brightness
Display: LCD 7” colour
Anti-theft system: Sound
Saddle: Faux leather
Load: 2 people
Helmet compartment: Under-seat
Start: Keyless + app
USB: charging port