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The W1 electric moped is an excellent value for money, featuring disc brakes, LED lights, and the LCD display that keeps you informed about the level of battery charge. The BOSCH engine does the rest to manage your e-moped efficiency so you can enjoy every trip. 

Available colours: Titanium
Options available: Extra battery, windshield, storage box
License required: AM –  or Full B car licence (issued before Oct 2006)
Insurance: Get a quote from Axa Bikecare/Carol Nash
Road Tax: €35


Integrated BOSCH 1,5 kw rear motor
The BOSCH drive system guarantees optimized driving performance with superior quality and robustness. Lower energy consumption of the battery leads to longer driving distance and longer battery lifetime.

Optional: add a second battery under the seat, to double the range.

Control unit with LCD display
On the handlebar, the control unit with LCD display gives you the battery charge status.

Front and rear disc brakes
Disc brakes offer the advantage of expressing a high braking force and reduce the stoppage space of 15%. The breaking is very smooth, in order to protect the back motor.

Technical features

Dimensions: 1700 x 700 x 1050 mm
Battery: Lithium cells 48 V – 26 Ah – 1248 Wh
Second battery: Optional
Wheels: 80/100 x 10” tubeless
Motor: BOSCH 1,5 kW
Brakes: Front and rear disc brake
Max speed: 45 km/h
Max range: up to 50km (single battery) | 100km (double battery)
Max flow rate: 150 kg
Slope: 20%
Lights: LED
Display: LCD
Anti-theft system: Sound
Saddle: Faux leather
Load: 2 people
USB: USB charging port

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