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W3 stands out for its special features, such as the high-tech LED headlights, double LG lithium batteries for range up to 100km, and a combined braking system on front and rear discs. The performance of the superpowered 4kW Bosch engine is equivalent to that of a 125 cc.

Available colours: Titanium
Available options: Windshield
License required: A1 
Insurance: Available at Carol Nash/Axa Bikecare
Road Tax: €35
Warranty: 2 years


Integrated BOSCH 4 kw rear motor
4 kW BOSCH engine for performance equivalent to that of a 125 cc heat engine. Its thrust is vigorous and immediate. The torque grows without hesitation and the engine responds quickly as soon as the accelerator is activated.

Combined braking system
Combined braking system distributes the braking force to both discs to prevent wheel lock and improve safety.

Smart LCD display
The display provides basic information in an instant, with a single glance speed and autonomy are visible.

Technical features

Dimensions: 1865 x 700 x 1113 mm
Battery: LG Lithium cells, 2×60 V – 31,5 Ah – 3780 Wh
Wheels: 120/70 x 12″ tubeless
Motor: BOSCH 4 kW
Brakes: CBS front and rear disc brake
Max speed: 75 km/h
Max autonomy: 100km
Max flow rate: 150 kg
Slope: 30%
Lights: LED
Display: LCD
Anti-theft system: Sound
Saddle: Faux leather
Load: 2 people
Helmet compartment: Under-seat

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